Observations of life, creativity, drive, and transition from a once-professional athlete and now-aspiring lifelong athletic human who gives a shit.


Tiny Baby Completes First Race

For Immediate Release (via Fleshmom and the Aviator) TINY BABY COMPLETES FIRST RACE Bend, OR, USA – Jude Eiger Thomas (JET) completed his first triathlon when he successfully exited mother Lauren Fleshman’s womb at 10:03pm on June 10, 2013. His

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NYC Marathon (Part 3 of 3): The Race

In case you want the background story to this three part series, you can read part one or part two as you please. Control The pack spreads out almost instantly as we climb the first mile up the Verezzano-Narrows Bridge and

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The New York Marathon (part 2 of 3)

This is part 2/3. If you missed part 1, you can read it here! In the warmup tent, after the women pin the numbers on each other and get our shoe chips clipped on, I find my way over to

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The New York Marathon (Part 1)

After a typical restless night of pre-race sleep, I finally get up 3 minutes before my 5:00 am alarm and my first thought is crystal clear: “this is the morning of the New York Marathon.” No foggy mind; no stumbling

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Get ’em USA!

Hot Damn! The weather is scorching, there are vats of baby octopus at the dining hall, I’m walking around the athlete village with a big USA on my chest, and I’m racing in the World Championships final of the 5000

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A Dream Turnaround

Contest winners announced; the inside story of how things turned around in eight days; and some great videos and pictures.

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