Observations of life, creativity, drive, and transition from a once-professional athlete and now-aspiring lifelong athletic human who gives a shit.


No Pride

I don’t say “my athletes make me proud” for two reasons. One, they aren’t mine. Two, that’s not their fucking job.  When I watch them walk past me and step out onto the track, their dreams as exposed as their

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Ode to Cross Country and the Greasy Spoon

They won. We flew. In a plane. Two planes actually. One from Rhodes Island carrying Ro McGettigan, and the other carrying me from Bend Oregon. Both of us were deposited in Detroit simultaneously after 10pm, where we rented a lemon

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A Fresh Start

First day coaching a new athlete on Team Little Wing. Seeing the new year opening up for her inspires some reflections on fall’s past and present.

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