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I have a body of work at “Runner’s World” called “The Fast Life.” All my articles can be found here. Among the more popular ones are this one on realizing I’m female, this one on showing my thigh cheese and challenging others to do it too, and this one on the overrated marathon underrated 5k.

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Actually I can’t because my roster is full with Little Wing and my masters runners, but I wrote a workout series called the WoW for Strava Run that has been a big hit. There are twelve options and they will get you really fit over the course of 3 months. If you are looking for actual coaching, there are lots of great options. I generally send people to Steph and Ben Bruce, Alicia Shay Vargo or Run SMART because they are people I know and have relied on for personal guidance over the years.



Now that I’m retired from my pro career in racing, I’m a committed part of a new kind of team: one that spans the country and is unified by a love of running and racing. This team gives me a friend in every port, access to an insider for running routes and good eats in every place I race, an excuse to meet up with strangers who don’t feel like strangers, and a collective crew to suffer and celebrate with. Since I joined the team myself in January 2013, it has grown from around 150 women to a couple thousand, and through it I have learned a lot about the community of women that love this sport. I’ve learned that a strong commitment to the sport and to getting the most out of yourself exists independently of speed. When I first started reaching outside my pro athlete bubble I assumed I’d be the one that would have the most to teach and the least to learn, but the Volée has shown me in living color how unique each of our running narratives are, and yet how consistently a healthy competitive approach to sport shines a certain kind of light on everything in your life. Being a competitor simply means putting yourself out there, and exploring your personal abilities, and all the growth that happens from that type of living. A life with running goals has a fierce heartbeat, a sharp mind, and a strong relationship with desire. Seeing my team jersey at races around the nation gets me excited for running at every stage and age. Learn more about my teammates and sign up to find out when the next round of team openings will be.  And even joining isn’t your thing, there’s a constant flow of inspiration available here for everyone. 

Events and Such

Race Schedule

04/22/17 Tenacious Ten

Really looking forward to racing this in Seattle!

02/04/17 4k XC

First race as a retiree! Doing the community 4k cross country race since it is here in my hometown, and I miss the searing pain of racing underprepared. 🙂


WILDER Running and Writing Retreat 08/25/17 - 08/28/17
Muse Camp 08/18/17 - 02/20/17
USA Track and Field Championships 06/22/17 - 06/25/17
WILDER Running and Writing Retreat 05/26/17 - 05/29/17
Muse Conference 03/04/17 - 02/04/17