Observations of life, creativity, drive, and transition from a once-professional athlete and now-aspiring lifelong athletic human who gives a shit.


Reclaiming my Time: False Starts

I told myself I’d sit down and write whatever came out.   She isn’t even asleep yet. I put her in the crib, stuck a pacifier in her mouth, and killed the lights. I kissed her on the head and

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Ready for Launch

The newest in the Believe Training Journal Series, COMPETE Journal, and the BELIEVE Logbook, have just launched. See what they are about, and how they can help you get more out of your running.

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Picky Bars in Trader Joe’s!

  Trader Joe’s has been my fantasy grocery account since the early days when I would buy my ingredients there for the original “Lauren’s Mega Nuts.” And now, it’s happening. Picky Bars got picked up in Trader Joe’s nationwide! Jesse wrote

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I’ve seen and lived running in a lot of different ways. For many years, a drive to be the best was my primary fuel source. Big wins and big losses helped me hone my skills. Injuries tortured and humbled me. My coaches

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Today My Son

upon finishing his dinner hatched a plan for us i would push his high chair into the next room and he would watch me play guitar while he sang and as he explained it his eyes showing me the way

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Starlight she sends Over darkened tree lines While whispers wait watching The rain There I stand firm Dripping sorrow and want Open arms stretch to feel her Again

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