Souvenir (spike wounds from the prelim)

My first souvenir from Daegu!

Hot Damn!

The weather is scorching, there are vats of baby octopus at the dining hall, I’m walking around the athlete village with a big USA on my chest, and I’m racing in the World Championships final of the 5000 meters in less than 24 hours.

Again, hot damn!

I could write a novel about this experience, and there is SO MUCH GOOD MATERIAL HERE.  Skip winning a medal in the 10k made me cry like a proud sister with joy.  She of course gets lumped in with all the other Kenyans in the media here, and people act like its an expected result, but she’s our Kenyan…I’ve seen what she does every day to reach that level and how her heart ached for that moment.  Then Ashton Eaton getting a medal in Decathlon with an absolutely stunning and nail-biting 1500.  Ahh, my nails are actually gone (and they throb now).  Nick gets 5th in the 800 in a bitter sweet race reminding me that wanting it and being fit enough to do it still isn’t always enough…luck plays an uncomfortably big role in it all.  And my Stanford teammate Jill Camarena-Williams winning the USA’s first ever women’s shotput medal?  Yep, that happened; hugging her afterwards was top 3 most satisfying hugs of my time on Earth.  And then tonight OTC teammate Jesse Williams wins the freaking high jump and Jenny Simpson wins the 1500!  And the list goes on and on beyond the people I have personal connection to…the experience here as a member of Team USA is changing my cellular makeup as we speak.  I’m literally evolving here people.

Its 11pm and its already going to take me 20 minutes reading my trash novel to settle down after recounting all this fabulousness, but I had to put something out here to mark this day.  Most of the past two days after my prelim has been about containing excitement, bottling it for a later time.  I’ll be killing time tomorrow watching movies and reading my book and having a laugh with Coach Rowls and Jack Magic (our massage therapist) to keep the mood light, and then I’ll go out and see what these Fleshmaniac legs can do over 5000 meters.

Expectations?  None other than do my best.  The race can go a million different ways, and I feel lucky and excited to be there mixing it up with the best in the world, executing a race plan, and seeing how things shake out. No fear. No doubt.  No pressure. Just another fantastic opportunity to do what I love. And that is real. The legit truth. There is nothing more to it.

Thanks in advance to everyone that tunes in to the race, and thanks SO MUCH for the facebook and twitter messages and all the support.  You all freaking rock.

Carpe Diem!