Family, friends, fans…no dream-chasing happens without your support. I am grateful to have partnerships with several brands who allow me to make a career out of performing, writing, speaking, rabble rousing, activism, and seeing what I’m capable of. I evaluate partnerships based on the people behind these brands, their commitment to leaving a positive mark on their community, and my ability to contribute. I am THRILLED and honored to work with the following brands and projects.


Oiselle is a women’s running apparel company based in Seattle, (pronounced Wah-Zell). You simply can not find a more authentic voice for women’s running out there, and that is what drew me in, pulling me away from what I was accustomed to. The amazing clothes that incorporate fashion, performance, attention to detail, and some sass don’t hurt either! I love so much about Oiselle, but the sisterhood and support among women for other women tops the list. We are each other’s fans. We’ve got one another’s backs. And that attitude is contagious, spreading among the elite runners, ambassadors, and customers of all speeds who are out there in their communities. Brands like this are incredibly rare, and I’m proud to have partnered with them since 2013.

Picky Bars

Picky Bars started in 2010 as a way to reduce farts. Seriously. Before my husband Jesse Thomas was a famous triathlete, he was just a dude who found that the more he exercised, the more sensitive his gut got. Reducing  gluten and dairy in his diet , and sticking to balanced, real food made all the difference. We had to make a performance bar that did this because none existed. Now, thanks to our customers, Picky Bars are spreading across the nation.



Jesse partnered with these guys first, when these top swimmers broke the mold and reinvented wetsuit industry for triathlon. Now ROKA is growing into a full-blown sports brand, with a roster of amazing champion athletes, and products in several categories. Check out their performance sunglasses and you’ll never look back.


I discovered Jaybird through my triathlete husband, Jesse, whose obsession with their bluetooth headphones led to a sponsorship. I promptly begged Jesse to score me my own pair. The crew at Jaybird have created the #1 product in wireless buds, which can withstand a lot of sweaty abuse, and I’m thrilled to be an official part of their team. They are really great people who are super committed to runners, and their X3 headphones are perfection. I’ll be helping with the development of future products through wear testing and honest feedback. Check ’em out.

Stance Socks

This iconic sock brand out of my hometown digs of LA has quickly rocketed to the top of the running sock world, in addition to just about every other category. They are the best. It’s that simple. I was lucky enough to have a collaboration with them in 2016, and continue to be one of their Punks and Poets. 

Believe Training Journal Series

I’ve co-authored a book/training log series with my friend, Irish Olympian Roisin McGettigan, published by Velo Press. The books have sold beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m THRILLED so many people have embraced the handwritten log concept and found the supporting content to be beneficial. A training journal is something I’ve kept a folder of ideas on since I was 14, and I am very proud to have seen it through and end up with a tooI that has been as personally beneficial to a pro athlete as is is to a retired one trying to figure out what’s next.


Running and Writing Retreats, hosted by me, in collaboration with amazing teachers in the creative space. 2017 Retreats are full.

Rebound Physical Therapy

Having recently moved to Bend, I was a little freaked out about who I’d be able to find for body work and physical therapy. You simply can’t be a world class athlete without access to a sharp minds that can detect oncoming injuries before they sideline you. Not only do I have the normal Pro Athlete health concerns but I’ll be coming back from having a baby. Rebound Physical Therapy has generously offered to sponsor me, giving me access to all the tools I need to pursue my potential, including cutting edge bio-mechanical and power analysis. Wahoo!

Maximum Mobility

There is a place in Phoenix, AZ where I go when the shit really hits the fan. Long story short, Dr Ball and his team at Maximum Mobility can get to the bottom of most anything. And from my first case I brought them in 2011, they not only fixed a stubborn foot for the remainder of the season, but solved the underlying cause of what had plagued me on and off for seven years. AND I got a plan to prevent it from happening again. Since then, I’ve trusted Maximum Mobility with any little niggle that comes up and consider Dr. Ball’s clinic a vital part of my team. Thank you for taking a genuine interest in my health and performance. I owe you a lifetime supply of Twizzlers Nibs.


Runner’s World Contributing Editor

This is not a sponsorship, it’s a job really! But I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten it if I weren’t a pro runner. In my column, “The Fast Life” I do my best to show the inside of the pro side of the sport. You can find my columns in the magazine every 2-3 months, and several more online here.