The name Wilder came from a stage name I took on as a way to get myself to perform at open mic nights, an alter-ego that made me feel more brave, less weighted down by fear of judgement. It then became a philosophy, an approach, a stripping down to the heart of the matter that I fed into my running and writing. When I got the idea to create a retreat for runner/writers as a way of exploring how the two practices intersect, naming it Wilder was obvious. That’s the version of myself I wanted to be when creating something new. That’s the spirit I wanted to infuse into the retreat for the participants. That’s the undercurrent that drives the work.

Wilder Retreats are four-day running and writing retreats, exploring how the two play together. Partnering with amazing teachers in the creative space, it’s a chance to work and play together in beautiful places. We primarily utilize running and writing, with storytelling, yoga, humor, coaching, and the beauty of the outdoors to support creative and physical courage, as well as confidence we can take back home with us to add value to the work we do on a daily basis for ourselves and our community.

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