If you are following my Workout of the Week (WoW) Feature on Strava, you’ll often hear me say things like “run 800’s at 5k pace,” or “start out at half marathon pace and then run blabadyblah.” A pace chart helps a lot in determining what paces are appropriate, and what times you should aim for for various intervals. If you aren’t sure what your race paces are because you haven’t done that race distance before, you can make an educated guess by using Jack Daniels performance calculator (see bottom of post for an example).

My favorite pace chart

…and how to use it, from the Believe Training Journal.

Click to download (thanks Velo Press!): Believe Training Journal Pace Charts (or look below).

Screenshot 2015-01-28 20.11.55


Screenshot 2015-01-28 20.12.19


Screenshot 2015-01-28 20.12.31


Screenshot 2015-01-28 20.13.02


*Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator is super cool. You plug in a race distance and a time, and it tells you equivalent performances in every other racing distance. If you want to do a workout that asks you to run 5k pace, but you only know your half marathon time, or your old 5k time is way outdated, plug in the half marathon info and click the “Equivalent” button. Here’s a screenshot of an example based on my half marathon time:

Screenshot 2015-01-28 22.31.52


The Believe Training Journal is full of really awesome tools, plus 52 weeks worth of space to record your own training. It’s not dated so you can start it any time of year. You can pick up an autographed copy from PickyBars.com (and it comes with a fresh bar). They are also sold at BelieveIAm.com, Velo Press, Oiselle, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and a variety of specialty running and gift stores.