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Ask Lauren Fleshman on The Running On Om Podcast

To listen to the podcast, click here OR subscribe to the Running On Om podcast on iTunes. Podcast Sponsored by Jaybird X2: see ROO podcast post for exclusive discount & giveaway! If you are interested in submitting a question for February’s Ask Lauren Fleshman podcast episode, the question window

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Working full time and running pro. Viable?

Hey Ladia! It depends on the job and your support crew. Flexibility is key…having advocates at the office who understand what you’re trying to do. I think a part time arrangement is more likely to support your running results during

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My high school cross country team today: The Canyon Cowboys.

Hey ABS, One of the cool things about running as a youth, pre-high school, is that you can really stand out at a young age. You only race against other people who have also discovered the sport early, so if

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Can’t Boost My Iron! What should I do?

Corrine, A couple iron rich foods you could try to get an extra boost are clams, muscles, and oysters. They are much higher than beef! 20 small clams has 295% DV of iron compared to 35% DV in a 6oz

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This is my high school team at training camp.

Six Tips to Have Your Best XC Season Ever?

Hey F.R. That’s great news that your mono is cleared up and your iron is up. Those two things alone will make a really big difference. Add in your determination and some good decisions and you’re in for a great

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How Do You Fix an IT Band Injury?

Bryna, Mine has been a problem since October, so I don’t know if you want my advice. Andrea, a fellow runner I talked to today, told me something that resonated: “Unlike other injuries, IT bands and achilles tendons are on

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Should I Take a Break after the Season?

Hi Leah! Even if you think your season wasn’t crazy demanding, the fact that you had a “racing season” means you would probably benefit from a “resting season.” Definitely take some time completely off running. Even multiple world record holder

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