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Working full time and running pro. Viable?

Hey Ladia! It depends on the job and your support crew. Flexibility is key…having advocates at the office who understand what you’re trying to do. I think a part time arrangement is more likely to support your running results during

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all the women

the faceless critics they try to silence you they sexualize you to minimize you to make a play thing out of a great thing this ain’t a game, team we’re doin something we need a brave theme song for this

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Tendon Health Strategies

In my most recent blog update, I talk about my achilles challenges, searching high and low for the best approaches, and taking a measured, intentional approach to returning to health and competition. Not everyone can fly across the country to

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I’m Going to the SHORTY AWARDS!!

I bit the bullet. Whipped out the Visa. Bought me an airline ticket across this land of the free to NYC for the Shorty Awards on April 20th. The Shorty Awards are like the Oscars or Grammy’s for social media.

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