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Ask Lauren Fleshman #4 on The Running On Om Podcast

To listen to the podcast, click here OR subscribe to the Running On Om podcast on iTunes. Podcast Sponsored by LOLA: Receive 60% off your first order with the discount code, “RUNNINGONOM” at mylola.com’s checkout.

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I Raced! (My Mountain Bike, But Still)

Ripping around the curves. Fine tuning my body position. Plotting how to bridge the gap. Gauging exactly how much I can push at this moment without blowing up. Man I’ve missed racing. In the 8 months since surgery on my achilles, it took

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My Favorites By Fabric

Oiselle just came out with a fabric guide, and I was like thank you yes please. For three years now I’ve gotten to try on and wear every single thing possible from their line. I’m supremely spoiled. You really can’t

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