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What are Your Favorite Pre and Post Race Meals?

Thanks for the question! You’re in good company with this one. When I am choosing my fuel around race time I have three objectives I try to meet: Provides enough fuel in calories for me to perform my best (two

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Cropped: The USATF #YoureWelcome Commercial

USATF just launched a commercial “You’re Welcome” about the sport of Track and Field on NBC. And while I’m thrilled to see a professionally produced track and field commercial, it highlights a problem within our governing body that hurts everyone with a

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Our Story. Dig it.

Special thanks to Kerri Stewart and My Window on KBNZ for doing this feature story on Picky Bars. Jesse and I did a rare news interview together about growing to 9 employees, how we got our start, and the future

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Lauren’s Gift List

Hey Peeps! While I’m sitting here shopping online for gifts for my family and friends, I thought I should share some of the things I think make great gifts. I am sponsored by or partners in some of these brands,

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