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Working full time and running pro. Viable?

Hey Ladia! It depends on the job and your support crew. Flexibility is key…having advocates at the office who understand what you’re trying to do. I think a part time arrangement is more likely to support your running results during

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Discussing “Equality” in NCAA Cross Country

There’s some discussion going on about equality in collegiate cross country that was sparked by the recent IAAF decision to unify the distance for professionals. On the professional level, where women used to race 8k and men 12k, (and before

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The athlete's nightcap is here to stay in the Fleshman/Thomas household.


My Final Verdict on Tart Cherries

  When I first hooked up with the Tart Cherry people about working with them, I was an occasional binge user of tart cherry juice who had heard it was good for athletes but didn’t really know why. I was

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I’m Going to the SHORTY AWARDS!!

I bit the bullet. Whipped out the Visa. Bought me an airline ticket across this land of the free to NYC for the Shorty Awards on April 20th. The Shorty Awards are like the Oscars or Grammy’s for social media.

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