Q: Ask Lauren Fleshman #3 on The Running On Om Podcast

This past March, the third Ask Lauren Fleshman podcast episode was released on The Running On Om Podcast. To learn more about why I choose to move to an audio format, read here. The podcast version of Ask Lauren Fleshman is a monthly series on Running On Om, where I answer listeners questions on all things that pop up when living an athletic life— motivation, injuries, relationship issues, nutrition, body image, you name it.

In this episode, I answers listeners questions on the following topics:

  • What is the role of innate, genetic potential in running?
  • How do goal oriented athletes in relationship support one another emotionally during the highs and lows of their training and racing journeys?
  • How do you decide what takes priority— pursuing your dream job in a city or living in place that has a connection to the outdoors?
  •  Why Lauren loves Bend, Oregon?
  • Overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea through nutrition and how professional runners handle intense training without losing their fertility
  • How the growth of online running coverage sites creates unrealistic expectations for younger athletes
  • And how do you deal with the disappointment that comes with injury and not allow it to determine your self-worth?


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