Q: My 1st Race…Picked!


I’ve selected my first competition for 2010!  Or at least I think I have.

Prompted by our team meeting Friday morning, where Coach Rowland professed ignorance about the distance schedule int the USA, I surfed the web for my potential spring races (took over 3 hours).

I haven’t raced a 5k in nearly 2 years.  Scary (the time passing part, not the impending race). But I searched all the races I knew of and seached my email archives for previously ignored mentions of upcoming USATF endorsed events.

Had I not taken 2 months off, I’d open April 16th at Mt. Sac, but that ain’t the case for 2010.  Too soon.  May 8th would have been perfect…home meet in Eugene (Twilight).  As luck would have it, that’s the one weekend all year I can’t race (brother in law’s wedding).

But then I found…tah dah!   Cardinal Invite May 1.  Still horrifyingly early but that’s simply because I still have a ton of work to do to run a good 5k.

Since Stanford is my alma matter, and they host the Cardinal Invite, I called up my old track coach Edrick Floreal and told him I was thinking of coming down.  He said they’d love to have me and would do what they could to help me achieve my goal (sub 15:50 to qualify for USA Champs).

The race will be at night, at perfect conditions.  After the call I was so excited!  No, I won’t be rocking and rolling by May 1, and I’ll likely get my ass beat, but its my alma matter, and most importantly I have a goal! An intermediate goal I should say.  Something to inspire me and guide my training more than the endless shifting horizon.