Q: Bend Baby


Today was a much needed day off.  I’m a huge believe in taking days before you need them.  It helps avoid injury, etc.  As soon as I feel the inkling that a day off is needed soon, I just do it now (generally).

So I did.  I drove over the McKenzie Pass with J from Eugene to Bend.  Its “Art Walk” here the 1st Friday of every month, and me likee the art scene.  Jesse had me drop him off 30 miles from Bend in a western town called Sisters, and he biked the rest of the way for his triathlon training.  He’s not exactly gaga over art.  So his mom, Carol, took me around town with J’s cousin Loren and his girlfriend Kaylie.

I was hypnotized by some of the pieces on display.  Some were not as cool.  But there were three things that made me extremely happy with the Art Walk:

1.  The community feel.  I swear the whole town was out, and nearly every store front was open, even hair salons displaying someone’s paintings and offering wine tasting.  The energy was warm and inviting throughout the city.

2.  The authentic folk music in a used book store.  Three women, (who looked like they could have walked the Oregon Trail with a covered wagon to show up for the gig), played banjo and sang the songs adored by the pioneers.

3.  The Prison Display.  A real estate company opened its doors to a display of paintings/drawings done by inmates.  At first I didn’t know this information, so I wandered the halls thinking, “there is absolutely no theme to the work in this place.”  But after overhearing some women talking about it next to me, I looked at it with new eyes.  It was fun to go past each piece like a talent scout, separating the gifted from the recreational.