Q: When is it time to quit?


I’ve struggled with lots of injuries, and people are starting to question my choice to keep training for road races.  Sometimes this sport makes me miserable, but I can’t seem to give up.  Help!

Stubborn in Seattle




I hear you on that!  Injuries have gotten me down as well (way down, i’ve got the pics to prove it—>) me on crutches

and there are definitely people in my life who don’t get it.  The thing is, if you are passionate about pursuing your athletic potential in running, then you should stick with it.  If you are hanging on to running because you are fearful of moving on, then you should quit.  Sometimes its hard to tell the difference.  At one particularly rough point last year, I looked in the mirror and tested out how it would feel to say “I quit” out loud.  I couldn’t do it.  I felt sick, like I was about to tell the biggest lie in the world, and I wanted to slap myself, so I knew it wasn’t time. 🙂 Try it out!