Observations of life, creativity, drive, and transition from a once-professional athlete and now-aspiring lifelong athletic human who gives a shit.


Sant Cugat Industrial Training Hell

This place is a dump.  I hate it. I left Monaco for Antwerp for Jesse’s Professional Triathlete debut, and instead of us returning to altitude in beautiful Font Romeau, (as was the original plan,) I had this bright idea to

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Don’t read old running logs

I’m moving in 10 days which has prompted me to clean out all my crap. You have to understand something about me.  If there were no societal pressure to keep a tidy home, I would gladly swim from room to

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Why does your site suck sometimes?

So a couple days ago, when I took a week off website stuff to be with family and recoup, I got this comment from some cranky guy:


How do you expect this website to stay relevant if you only answer question ~once a week?!? The website idea and layout are good but zero new content or effort is put in on your part. Is this how you go about every task you take on?

Jay Silver”

Even now, re-writing that final line makes me want to…

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Most common inquiry.

A lot of people ask me if I have a special diet.  In fact, its pretty much the first question people ask when they hear that I’m a professional runner.  The second question being “So if you are a ‘professional’

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