I’d love to write.  I really would.  But I left my sister’s NY apartment this morning at 3:50 am for the airport.  Then I spent the entire 6 hour flight to San Francisco regretting the shady muffin I ordered from the only coffee shop open in the train station at 4:30am.  Not a wink of sleep.  And again no sleep during the layover, nor the flight to Eugene.  Even the 3 hours between my two runs was spent in a state of sleepless droopiness.

This is how tired I am now, 24 hours after waking up.

I literally opened my computer to write this blog, and then reached into my bag to get a pen to write it with.

What was I going to do?  Write on the screen?

Family stuff and travel makes me feel unsettled with my training.  Tomorrow I need to get on top of my stuff and make it a priority to come to Friday’s training revived and re-focused.