Turns out Sant Cugat is actually pretty cool.  I’ve had a good track session, found some decent trails and bike paths, and have found enough of a daily groove to survive the week before heading to Stockholm.

I feel bad for trashing on it the other day.  But the truth is, even as I was physically typing the words of my last blog entry, a part of me was fully aware that frustration and tiredness was coloring my entire view of the place.  I almost didn’t want to post it because of that.  (This same sensation happens during about 50% of my less-than-positive blogs).

But in the end, I posted that blog because I look at it like this: my goal is to chronicle the actual experiences of being a “professional athlete” and a “Lauren” as they happen.  If I filter things down to what’s logical, then the beauty of the nonsensical can never be expressed.  What’s raw is where the story lies.  I want the reader to watch the photograph as it develops, alongside me.

All that froofy philosophical stuff aside, when I was Googling “Sant Cugat” earlier today to find a laundromat to properly wash my rank clothes (the sink isn’t cutting it any more,) my blog “Sant Cugat Can Suck It” was item #5 on the results list.  For a laundromat city search.  I almost fell out of my chair.

There is so little written about some of the places I visit, I started imagining my words prompting a Catalonian verbal smackdown from the mayor, for example, or accidentally dissuading an unsuspecting tourist from checking the place out just because I was a cranky brat.  If my blog is going to make a Google top 5 list, I probably shouldn’t tell an entire city to “suck it.”  At least not in the title :).