When I started this website in 2009 I had three goals. 1. To create an online home for my career. 2. To tell the elite athlete story in a way that isn’t normally told. 3. To field questions from runners and use my experience and education to answer them the best I could. I wanted to create a place where I could be myself, teach things, and learn things, and this space continues to be very important to me.

12074542_720406021398804_7894190242882818569_nOver the years, the Q&A part of the site became overwhelming. There were far more questions than time, all of them good, and I would get paralyzed figuring out which ones to answer. I wanted to answer thoughtfully, and with the written format, there is no end to how much time you can spend finding just the right words, even if you can get over the first hurdle of picking a question. But when I do Q&A at events face to face, its awesome! No overthinking, just straight talk. It feels the way I always intended it to feel.

So, it is with mega enthusiasm that I share some great news! Q&A on ALF is evolving; I’m partnering with Julia Hanlon of “Running On Om” (ROO) to do a monthly podcast. Julia is very gracious to set aside one of her six podcasts per month to test this project with me. “Running On Om” features interviews with a diverse array of people doing work at the intersection of mind and body. I met her when she interviewed me, and we had a great connection. Listening to several of her podcasts, it is clear that Julia’s energy opens the door for people to navigate and express complex ideas, and talk about things that you’d normally reserve for your best friend or therapist. She’s a runner, a yogi, and a great human, and I am very lucky to partner with her on this.

Here’s how it will work:

Once a month we will have a week-long window available for submitting questions on a special page devoted to ALF/ROO. Outside of that window, no questions can be submitted. 905755_734844616621611_2880742991206542075_oThen Julia and I will pick a few questions to feature, and discuss them on the podcast, using the nickname you provide. If you leave your phone number along with your question, we might call you up for more info on the show. If you don’t want me to call, don’t leave a number :).

Subscribe to Running On Om so it shows up in your podcast app, and leave your question here between December 28 and January 3rd.

We are going to start with four episodes, and if it’s working well for everyone, we’ll keep it rollin! I’m really excited to see where audio takes us.