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Believe Training Journal

crop journal shot

I’ve dreamed about what my ideal log book would look like since I recorded my first cross country workouts at age 13, and carried a manila folder titled “training diary project” full of scribbles and clippings from house, to apartment, to Volkswagen, to house, and so on, since I was 18. Collaborating with Ro, who had a similar dream, and getting this unique book published last year was the fulfillment of a long time goal, and now that it has been in the world for over a year, we are sooooooo happy with how broadly it is being used and more importantly how impactful it has been for many. Now we have three colors available, and are thrilled to see so many people buying it again after having a great experience.

If you’re not familiar with it, it is an undated (start it anytime) 52 week agenda book, split up every 4-5 weeks with a chapter that focuses on an area relevant to performance, self-improvement, and increased enjoyment of running/sport. Each month carries through this area of focus with motivational quotes, quizes or worksheets, and prompts that get you engaging on a deeper level with the work you are already putting in. Over the course of a year, you develop some new tools and ways of thinking, and reap the rewards of increased confidence and momentum.

To see how other people are using it, go on Instagram and look at the hashtags #believejournal , #believetrainingjournal, and #alookwithin, where people take snapshots of the creative ways they use their journal.

Great Gift For:

  • Training buddy
  • Person who keeps talking about wanting to “get back on the horse” with running or fitness
  • Girl crush
  • Casual runner who is just starting to set goals (first marathon, half marathon, 10k, etc)
  • An entire high school girls team. Awesome charitable donation!
  • High achieving youth athlete who would benefit from balance/perspective
  • You

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