Oiselle just came out with a fabric guide, and I was like thank you yes please. For three years now I’ve gotten to try on and wear every single thing possible from their line. I’m supremely spoiled. You really can’t go wrong with Oiselle. But I have my favorite fabrics and styles like anyone else, and it’s pretty tough to guide people to them now that there are SO MANY beautiful options on the website.

Reading over the fabric guide I realized I tend to favor certain fabrics for certain purposes. For example, I like plya best for my knickers and sports bras. Plya is a super durable athletic fabric, and you can use it on just about anything, but for me, even though I have beautiful knickers made out of lots of fabrics, it’s the plya ones that get worn the most. So what follows is a list of fabrics and 1-2 styles I gravitate towards most in that fabric. I won’t repeat the technical information from the fabric guide here, but clicking on any fabric image below will take you to the details, as well as a gallery of styles made of that particular fabric.



This is unfair to start with because lux is my favorite of all, and I want to say “everything” but my favorite is casual wear. Lux Sweatshirt is perfection.


This is the seamless, anti-stinky fabric with endless possibilities for design. I love tanks in this fabric most of all. Specifically the classic with the big ass birds on it. Always and forever.



Easy one. Roga shorts, hands down. Still the best shorts I’ve ever worn from any company, and the first thing I gift. Bonus, you can pee your pants in them and nobody will notice.



Tights. 90% of my favorite tights are made of NYELLE. And half the bras.



PLYA is more compressive than NYELLE, and as I mentioned before, knickers are awesome in this fabric. The PLYA bras are my favorites for performance, and for those days of the month when I’m more sensitive to movement.



Moto Bra in burgen. Hot dayum. And the moto tights are my warmest pair for winter.



Long Sleeve tops. Especially in classic silhouettes. And the wool underwear.



Crossover pieces you can wear anywhere but be able to go on a spontaneous run without changing. Tops that feel less tech-y but are sneaky performers.



Outerwear. Performs like a champ and looks damn good doing it.

I reserve the right to revise my answers as I fully test the rest of the Spring ’16 gear that arrived on my doorstep this week. I am, once again, spoiled rotten. Thank you Oiselle.