This is part of a series called “Giftworthy,” my ideas for gifts based on things I use and love. Every other day in December (through the 25th), I’ll be posting a new item, and I’ll finagle a short-term discount on that item from the great company who makes it. Of course they are happy to play along, which is part of why they are so great. Feel free to check out the others in the series. The discount codes are good through December 25th. Thanks! Enjoy!

Katron Jacket

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This jacket is the second iteration of the Katron Jacket that launched last winter. I loved last year’s jacket, but this one has some important updates that take it to the quality of a Patagonia puff, except with Oiselle’s design aesthetic, and built with a runner in mind. This isn’t just for standing around looking hip and staying warm. It MOVES, and all the snaps and drawstrings work the way you’d need them to on the run. It’s slimmer than last years, and all the details are dialed into functional perfection, including zippers that glide easily and can be done with gloves on, and a fabric update that has increased wind and water resistance, in addition to Primaloft insulation for warmth. This jacket is dialed. I say go for it.

Great Gift for:

  • Your mom who doesn’t spoil herself enough
  • Your best friend in the world who just bought a moped.
  • Your high school or college daughter who is currently surviving with a hoody.
  • Your bridesmaids (personalized monograms not included)
  • Someone important you forgot to give a gift to last year.
  • You

Use code “MOTOPUFF” for 20% off this jacket, plus free shipping!