Practicing in our New York Loft, with Christy Turlington giving us pro tips. Eeeee!

Practicing in our New York Loft, with Christy Turlington giving us pro tips. Eeeee!

Two Days Ago…

Our bags are packed and loaded.

Party dresses and workout clothes and toiletries and five types of shoes and baby gear…the industrial seams of giant roller bags visibly straining to contain it. I swoop into my long term parking spot at the Redmond Airport and squint as the hundreds of smooshed bug carcasses on the windshield reflect every sliver of late summer sun.

“Dude. We’re going to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!” I squeal to Kate Grace, fellow pro athlete and soon to be runway model.

Kate squeals in response, and a formerly snoozing Jude, who never misses a squealing opportunity, joins in on the fun.

In 11 hours, we’ll be in New York. Not for a track meet, or the ING NYC Marathon, or a vacation. Nope. We’re gonna walk Oiselle apparel on the runway at Nolcha for Fashion Week.

I’ve never envisioned being a model. Well, except for those awkward teen years where you hole up in your photo-collaged-bedroom, reading the “Seventeen Magazine” you stole borrowed from your best friend’s house, staring at the exposed bodies wondering what shape yours will resemble most when it finally hits puberty…

The peanut gallery

The peanut gallery

I remember standing in front of the mirror practicing a few of the poses from those glossy pages, sticking one hip out, trying to determine which side of my face was my “better side,” imagining a world with boobs in it…but not in a sincere, longing way. More like in a trying-on-your-moms-clothes kind of way.

As a pro athlete I’ve done photo shoots running across remote trails in Kawaii, or through lush city parks, or dashed across the cracked sidewalks of urban jungles followed by a camera crew. But that’s not the runway. Runway Modeling is generally a no-muscle tone zone, a place for grace and flow. Some say runway models are paid to showcase clothing by disappearing behind them, like a hanger, whereas pro athletes are paid to give clothing life and force through powerful motion. Somehow Kate, JJ, Mac, Lesko and I, the Oiselle birdies doing this together…we’ll have to figure out how to strike a balance of the two.

More on the runway later!!