This is part of a series called “Giftworthy,” my ideas for gifts based on things I use and love. Every other day in December (through the 25th), I’ll be posting a new item, and I’ll finagle a short-term discount on that item from the great company who makes it. Of course they are happy to play along, which is part of why they are so great. Thanks! Enjoy!

Power Stretch Mittens

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.15.58 AM

As Oiselle says, these are your “it’s too damn cold to run but I’m going to anyway” mittens. These are Polartec® (legit) and provide highly breathable warmth with a soft fleecey interior. Touch screen compatible fabric on thumbs is pretty sweet, since your fingers are in a mitten and all that. And the reflective logo adds safety for these early evenings. All in all, these are perfect mittens for ~30 degrees and up and I hope everyone gets a pair because mittens are highly underrated. I mean think about it, if gloves are like five kids at a sleepover in different sleeping bags, mittens are like snuggling up naked in one bag for survival in a snow cave. More interesting. Not to mention it’s thermodynamics. Go with it.

Great Gift for:

  • Running Partner who is always underprepared
  • Sibling who steals your stuff
  • Mother in Law who is all about those walks
  • The yard duty who keeps your kid from getting beat up at recess
  • Bro Bird who digs your vibe
  • You

Use code “MITME” for 20% off these mitts, plus free shipping!