Hot like sixteen!

Hot like sixteen!

I must wear these.

No literally, I “must” as in they are a requirement, (although I also mean it in the “My toes are creeping into the patent leather involuntarily while I try to work” way).

Fellow Canyon HS Alum, buddy, Pac 10 rival and USA Champion 800 meter runner Alysia Johnson is getting married on the 19th of this month, and I’m an honored bridesmaid who gets to look super hot in a vintage style black wiggle dress.  Oh and these red, patent leather, Michael Kors drool-worthy wedges.

Given the fact that I’m too-slowly recovering from a stress fracture, the clock is ticking.  Never mind that the race season is quickly getting underway and I’m still not properly running…I need to be ready for this wedding.

With only 9 days to go, its best I don’t leave anything to chance.  I need a miracle healer.  Tomorrow morning I’m driving five hours to Belleview, Washington to see a voodoo doctor for three days.  Ok he’s not really a voodoo doc, but that’s what the skeptics will call him who want to see me wearing flip flops on the 19th.

He does what is called “Applied Kineseology” and his methods don’t fit into traditional medicine.  Its a field that gets a lot of flack from a lot of people because you can’t really explain why it works, and it is often challenged empirically, but for some people it works miracles, and this guy is considered one of the best out there.

I joke about the shoes being the impetus for this trip, and if you know me at all by now, you know that’s not the real reason.  I want to be well, getting after it in training and hurting people’s feelings in races, and I’ve done everything in my power for 10 weeks and here I still am, injured, my ass getting softer by the hour.  Speaking of asses, it will probably look better in that wiggle dress in my current form, so that’s a bonus, but I digress.

What convinced me to give applied kinesiology a try?  You’d think “Stanford Biology Degree…that’s not in the curriculum!”  Well, I’ve always been a secret hippy who loves focusing on my third eye in yoga (even though my type A personality makes it nearly impossible).  Also, my experience with great massage therapists has taught me that there is something very real about energy work.  Oh and I believe in superpowers.  Seriously, I do.

Not everything can be easily explained, and many a great athlete has been cured by alternative medicine.  Even if this guy literally waves a magic wand over me for three days straight with a pot of witches brew boiling a lock of my hair with frogs legs in the corner of the room, I’m in.  Bring it.