Put on your riding pants kids, cuz we’s gettin back on the horse!

And this is my first phlog (phone log) so give me a break on typos.

Lets get real here for a second.

Tomorrow is the Nike Prefontaine Classic, the premier track meet in America, and Im in an ice bath, freezing what’s left of my ta-tas off, hoping my roommate doesnt walk in on me because I forgot bathing suit bottoms.

Why am I taking an ice bath at 9:30pm the night before a race?

Its called “race mode.”

I’m trying to go through the motions of race mode in the hopes that it kicks my mind into gear.

Why do I need to simulate race mode?

Because I don’t want to fricken race.

“WHAAAHTTT?!?” you might be saying? “how could you not want to race? You crazy!”

Well, im going to do exactly what a sports psych would not recommend, and spend a second or two reflecting on that very question.

I just had one of the best weekends of my life, and frankly I’m not ready to get back to work. And if I can’t get my act together, and I mean quickly, those balls I was talking about…they are at risk of being…ahem…you know where this its going.

Sometimes you don’t want to go to work, but you have to.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not crying over it or anything. the way im coping is by going into race mode…buying my vitamin water and energy bar at 711 for tomorrows snacks, eating italian food, turning off my ringer and ignoring emails, planning my time line for transport and warmup, and freezing myself in ice water.

Basically, you fake it til you make it.

But just in case I don’t pull my head out in time, I’ve prepared a list of 39 fabulous excuses in advance.