Q: The Illusion of Freedom


Probably the biggest misconception of this pro runner is that she has freedom.  Freedom to go anywhere, anytime, whenever she wants, since she can bring her job with her.

Its an illusion.

A small niggle or injury illustrates this otherwise hidden truth perfectly.

Say I want to head to the Oregon Coast for a night away, spontaneously.  I don’t have an office to report to tomorrow (Tuesday) so I’ll just run there at the beach.  Well, two hours later I get out of the car and whatever was a teensie bit tight is now in a huge knot.  It lets off a bit near the end of the run and then I sleep in a strange bed.  Seven hours of restless sleep with a sore back.  Another tight run and some ocean viewing the next morning and its back in the car for another two hour drive home.

When you are healthy, you can fool yourself by saying “it doesn’t matter that I drove two hours or slept poorly.  I got the work in.”  But in training, it is taking a toll whether you admit it or not…whether an injury is present or simply brewing under the surface.  For the first five years of my career I fell for this illusion of freedom and now I know better its limitations.

Anytime I go anywhere, I know it is a measured risk.  Buzz kill, eh?