Q: Nutrition for my first 10K?

Hi Lauren,

I am so worried about posting a question on this site as I am a complete beginner to running. I am running a 10k in 9 weeks and have been out running 3 days so far (1.5 miles – stop start, not continuously). I have a 10 month old daughter so my running takes place at night around 9pm. Can you offer me any advice, from nutrition, to how on earth I am going to run the 10k continuously?! I have invested in running shoes from a reputable running shop Any advice would be much appreciated!






First of all, congrats on making the jump into running!

You are doing the right thing with run/walk training until your endurance improves.  Being that you are so new to it, I would advise you to only run three or four days at a time, slipping a pure walk day in there now and then.  This will help your body/bones adjust to the pounding.

As for nutrition to complete a 10k, unless you plan on walking one mile every hour, don’t fret.  You won’t need any calories during the actual race. Feel free to take water at a few water stops though.  Just be sure to eat a good breakfast two hours before the race (I recommend oatmeal with bananas and a BIG glass of water).  And eat something small for recovery within 15 minutes of finishing (most events have bananas, oranges, bagels at the finish line).  The human body is designed to endure, and you have complex body systems that utilize the energy stores in your body to handle exersion, so don’t worry!