Q: How to Stay Motivated During Summer Break?

Hi Lauren-

I am a collegiate runner and am anticipating the end of the school year and for summer to finally get here (Thank goodness!!), but I am nervous about training at home by myself. No one in my family runs and all my teammates live several hours away from me, sadly 🙁 . How do you stay motivated and keep thinking positive over long periods of time when away from the team?

-Danielle A.


My Canyon Cowboys at Mammoth Camp

Hi Danielle!

Whenever I went home for summer break from Stanford, I used to call up my high school coach and find out what the summer training schedule was for my old high school team.  You’ll probably have to run with the boys now that you’ve been exposed to college training, but if your team is anything like mine, the guys will be cool about it.  Coach DeLong would even ride his bike with me sometimes because he knew it would help me get out the door.  I continued to go to my old high school running camp for years after I graduated as an alumni helper.  DeLong invited alumns to come to camp, would pay our lodging, gas, etc, all in exchange for us bringing a car to transport athletes to trailheads, lead the way on unfamiliar trails, and be good influences for the kids.

Staying involved with your high school team is a great way to build a tradition of excellence, showing younger kids that collegiate running could be in their future if they work hard for it. Plus, you get a bunch of training partners out of it!