Q: Cure for Calf Cramps?


This week, during my warmups, before/during stretching, after just a few minutes of running in place and jumping jacks, my calves start to cramp up.  I have been told that this could be a potassium deficiency, but I eat a banana every morning… what do you think is up with my shiz?

P90x Fan



What up P90x Fan,

Those videos are awesome, by the way.  Your problem is really common, so lets gitter fixed.  For most people I know, the issue is either dehydration, too much protein, or low salt intake.  Try this:  drink 16oz of water as soon as you wake up, before breakfast, like right when you get up to pee.  Never eat anything without having some water with it.  Chances are, this will be enough to fix it.

If cramps still get you…if you don’t have a medical condition forbidding sodium, sprinkle some salt on your food to help you retain the water better (don’t worry, you won’t puff up or anything).   Be aware that high protein diets cause the body to lose fluid, making it really really tough to stay hydrated.  Its not impossible though.  You can do this!  Its Hydration X baby!