Q: Am I ready for my marathon?

Hey Lauren,

I am running my first marathon on Sunday, December 6th.  I am quite nervous because the longest distance I ran during my training is 21 miles.  Do you have any advice or tips from the last 5.2? Do you think I will hit a “wall,” or will my endurance training carry me through?

Courtney, Chico




If you have run 21 miles in training, you have every reason to have confidence in your body this weekend.  There is no way to predict how those last 5 miles will feel…that is what’s exciting about “racing.”  The butterflies, the uneasiness…they come in waves leading right up to the morning of the race, no matter who you are or what distance you run.

My advice to fend off the anxiety?  Affirm to yourself that the mystery of those last 5 miles is the reward for the hard work, and know that (no matter what) you will cross that finish line. You are about to do something completely new!  You will push yourself to a new level!  Wasn’t that part of the reason you decided to try a marathon in the first place?  You may feel great, or blah, or be crying for mommy, but any which way it goes will be an experience very few people are willing to work to achieve.  Good luck!