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Keeping it Real.

I’m not exactly the hugest Lady Gaga fan-girl, but earlier this week, she did something pretty cool. After her cover photo from “Glamour” was released, she made a public statement that the image of her was unrealistic and that she

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Today is the RUNWAY!

Two Days Ago… Our bags are packed and loaded. Party dresses and workout clothes and toiletries and five types of shoes and baby gear…the industrial seams of giant roller bags visibly straining to contain it. I swoop into my long

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Moving from “Fugly” to “Must Have”

I’m not exactly a natural when it comes to fashion. I’m more of what you’d call a “late-adopter.” The earliest signs of my affliction were in elementary school in the 80’s when little girls started transitioning from leggings to jeans.

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Don’t Go Pro Without a Posse

So this is the kind of stuff I’m talking about when I talk about Oiselle’s commitment to fangirl-ness. It’s a spoof video of course, featuring pro runner Kate Grace and the Oiselle crew, about the posse of a pro female

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