the faceless critics they
try to silence you
they sexualize you
to minimize you
to make a play thing
out of a great thing
this ain’t a game, team
we’re doin something
we need a brave theme
song for this road she’s on
track to claim space
in this sacred place
for the human race
raising a crop of she-roes
every one will have as heroes

let’s woman up now
across the globe now
let’s bring the power of the
woman to our time now
with education
in every nation
lifting her stories up
on every station
raising our voices
not for complaining
so we can recognize
that she is me and
we are more than worthy
of exploration
not subjugation
of inspiration

let’s flood the station
with all our voices
asserting the right
to make our choices
as human beings
don’t stop at equal
the feminist sequel
is stepping into
our unique power
intuition trauma strength
and holy hell fire
seeing she in me
to open doors for us
we keep our eyes open
and commit to trust
we know the doors
remain invisible
when our power
is divisible