Updated with Sunday and Monday times below

Ahhhh, Boston.

At long last, the big marathon weekend is here. The elite drama; the hum of nervous energy and enthusiasm of the masses; the squeakers; the history; the miles of KT Tape and gallons of Icy Hot.

The race numbers; the shwag; the last minute race kit adjustments; the obsession over details; the quiet anticipation of your family and friends that it will finally be over and you’ll stop talking about it.

I can’t wait!

I’m flying to Boston today so I can be a part of all the craziness, and I want to meet you, and so does limabean. So oh so quickly, here’s where I’ll be and what’s going on in Lauren land. If you are a Picky Club member, you’ll want to perk up a bit cuz there’s a special deal for you.


110 PlayHarder Booth: 2000 row

Saturday 2-4 and Sunday 11-2

Come say hi, take a pic, get an autograph, and check out some awesome compression gear! Picky Club Members will get a 15% discount on 110% products and I’ll be there with the list! There will be samples of Picky Bars too of course :).

 Runner’s World Booth: 2600 row

Saturday: 4-5

Sunday: 3-4

I’ll be there with Olympian Ro McGettigan signing autographs and copies of the Believe I Am Journal. This weekend is a special price of $15 ($10 off) in honor of the marathon, both in the RW booth and online! Take advantage of this and get a copy for a friend, yourself, your lady and get it signed.


I’ll be cheering in Wellesley at Getty Gear for the marathon, hanging out with a bunch of crazy ass chicks, many of them Oiselle birdies. Everyone promises me this will be the best place to find questionable female behavior, and so of course I am intrigued and eager to partake. Alas, I won’t be joining the flashers this year; I’m not quite ready to go from never flashing anyone in public to full-on pregnant exposure. There’s simply too much going on up in there right now! There is an open invitation to join us if you are looking for a place to cheer!