Its been over a week since my last post, which completely goes against my “one post every day until the marathon” thing. This is what happens when a runner gets an injury scare. Its called burying your head in the sand. Heard of it? I bet you have.

I have, in fact, learned quite a few things since my knife-in-the-knee experience last Friday. But when I originally set out to write a daily light bulb, I was healthy and on a roll, envisioning composing my daily blog about the positive and humorous parts of the marathon world I was discovering.

And then BOOM!

Bye bye speed bumps, hello brick wall, and just like that I’m flailing around like one of those crash test dummies.

After taking last weekend off to heal up and doing all the treatment on my schedule, I’ve had some completely pain free days and some holy shit days. The days that it hurts are definitely no fun and I immediately pretend I don’t have a marathon coming up. Stress and pressure don’t help the healing process.

I was kind of waiting until this knee thing totally cleared up before writing a new blog post, thinking that the topic would be about how to (or how not to) manage a last minute injury before a marathon. Long story short, I don’t have an answer, I haven’t processed it on a bigger scale yet, and I’m just living day to day.

A couple bits I do want to share from this past week:

  • ALF commenter and NY Marathon entry MBS is having a twin knee problem at the moment, and its been helpful to have another person going through it at the same time.
  • Active Release Therapy (ART) hurts like a mother.
  • Sometimes its impossible to determine if your pain comes from your back, your knee, your hip, or your mind.
  • Even the remote possibility that your body might not cooperate on the day of the marathon is horrifying.
  • I liked it much better when I felt invincible.
  • Getting to the starting line 100% ready to go is a really tough thing to do.
Cross your fingers for me guys and gals. Its time for the waiting game.