I’ve run for 16 years now and until three weeks ago, I had perfect feet.

Okay, yeah I’ve had four stress fractures, so the internal mechanics leave something to be desired, but from just looking at ’em, people have literally told me,

“Damn! Those are some good looking feet! Especially for a distance runner.”

You are now probably trying to imagine a scenario where an actual person would tell another person something like that. These are just people who work with feet ok? I’m not lying. My feet are awesome.

Well, were awesome.

Now not so much.



Yeah, that would be a hairy toe knuckle. Don’t judge. I live in Eugene.

  • It’s not the mileage (I ran more in college than I’m running now).
  • It’s not the shoes (Same Nikes I’ve worn forever, same size).
  • It’s not the hygiene (I may be overdue for a pedicure, but my dogs are groomed to a normal standard).

This foot isn’t as bad, but that second toe hurts like a mother right now. It’s one of those deep blisters that’s connected to a nerve that gives you a headache if you touch it.  You don’t want to pop a blister like that.

The Cause?

I’m blaming those ridiculous long runs and the fact that workouts take FOREVER now. Extended time on my feet in one shot, four days a week. Very few doubles. Doubles, FYI, prevent you from having ugly feet. Now I know.

And now I finally understand why distance runners so often rock the closed toed shoes.

The upside?

At this rate maybe I won’t have to spring for these shoe covers for my zombie Halloween costume:

zombie feet shoe covers

Tell me these things aren’t awesome.