Audio Tour

Geeking it out with the Audio Tour

Enormous columnsFor 10 years I’ve wanted to see this architectural marvel, Gaudi’s “Sagrada Familia.”

Its pretty much the main reason I didn’t get the hell out of this place three days ago.

So like any majorly anticipated bucket list item, I savored it.

Jesse is not really into historical stuff, describing himself more of a “future” guy, but he was a great sport and even went along with the incredibly long audio guide.

Gaudi’s my dawg.  His spirituality is firmly rooted in nature, and the building is constructed to bring the outdoors inside.  The columns holding up this enormous structure are designed to look like the trunks of a forest of trees, and the ceiling a canopy of leaves.  Light filters in the way it would if you were meditating in the woods.  Its completely unlike any other church I’ve seen.  Maybe that explains why I didn’t mind spending three hours there.

Tops of the columns turn into trees

Tops of the Columns Turn into a Forest Canopy

I’m so glad I had just one run today so I could squeeze this little adventure in.  I might only have one more day like this while I’m in Barcelona.  Tomorrow will be an absolute killer session.  With Crystal Palace coming up in less than two weeks, its my last chance to do something hard to prepare for that 5k.

In less than a week I may be running Stockholm, but I’m not confirmed yet (as in, the meet director hasn’t given me a lane.)

Staircase too Narrow for Modern Humans

Zoom in to see a demon in this picture.

There are three possibilites:

1.  I don’t get in, and I go straight to London to prepare for Palace on the 13th.

2.  I get in and race a 5k in Stockholm.

3.  I don’t get in to the 5k, but I get commissioned to rabbit a World Record attempt in the race.  I’m OK with any of those options at this point.

I’ll let you know what happens.