Hey Peeps!
I’m unwinding in Bend before re-booting for the summer season in Europe and wanted to express a HUGE thank you, to you, the reader/commenter. The number of positive and encouraging messages I got via AskLauren, Facebook and Twitter before and after the race on Friday was overwhelming. In the next few days, I’ve heard that the televised races will be available for online viewing (finally!) so I’ll post an update when that happens.

Bend provides healing powers for me, which I desperately need right now. I’ve learned that while a 600 meter sprint may be effective in winning races, it is also very effective for achieving record levels of post-race discomfort. I’m pretty sure my kidney fell out with 100 to go, leaving me with horrible side/back pain, I bruised a few ribs from breathing so hard, and don’t even get me started on muscle soreness.

An excruciatingly painful 600 meter kick also creates opportunities for interesting photo finishes. I would like to open up the gates for what it looks like I’m doing in this photo, since it certainly doesn’t look like I’m enjoying a victory. All amusing comments are welcome.

To start it off:
Lauren’s photo finish looks like she is…

5k finish photo

Photo Courtesy of Kirby Lee.