After six successful weeks of training in the high desert of Albuquerque, the 25 shades of green I saw out of the airplane window as we crossed into Oregon nearly blinded me with their brilliance. I’ve missed Oregon, especially these last two weeks. I tried not to dwell on it, but thoughts would pop into my head constantly about my own shower, my own kitchen, the ability to wear more than two shirts over and over. And now here I am, in Portland at a friend’s house, waiting until the morning to drive the rest of the way to Eugene.

Even though I’m not in my own apartment, I still feel an overwhelming gratitude for this wonderful state, and I feel relieved to be “home.” I’m excited. Excited to be healthy enough to train properly on my home trails. Excited to cook healthy meals in my own kitchen. Excited to carry the new healthy habits and renewed enthusiasm back into my everyday life.

Camp has a way of improving your habits, kicking you into gear. By being out of your comfort zone and without access to your regular distractions, you zoom in on what’s important for your athletics: training properly, eating well, and recovering effectively. You excuse yourself for not being social since you are in a strange place away from your friends. Returning calls and emails becomes secondary since you feel separate, and time passes in a new way, almost like living in another dimension.

Of course there is hell to pay for a week when you get home and have a stack of unpaid bills, your voicemail is full and inbox completely overflowing. But its worth it. You get that crap out of the way and go on living your renewed focused athletic life in the comforts of your own home. I just don’t think you can simulate that same flick-of-the-switch re-focus without leaving for a while and coming back. Its almost like having another chance at New Year’s resolutions or something.

A few of the things I am carrying over from camp include:
-65 miles a week+ for 8 weeks with a day off each week
-Laying off the white flower and white sugar until I get my weight where I want it (successfully made it through day one)
-Trying to spend more time at home in the middle of the day, making it possible to take naps (rather than spending time hanging around the coffee shop
-Drinking less coffee and more green tea
-Taking iron supplements and vitamin D
-Drinking my endurox recovery drink immediately after all my sessions.