Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson and about 12 other awesome characters just created the perfect end to a great Christmas. I’ve seen “Love Actually” more than any other movie since I was about 12. The watch-count for movies seen before the age of 12 are impossible to compete with now. Back then, my tolerance for repetition was rivaled only my my neighbor Gina’s attachment to “Dirty Dancing.” And just for the sake of reverie, I practically wore holes in my Princess Bride tape.

My favorite parts of the movie are when the ugly Brit goes to Milwaukee to pick up hot chicks with his English accent, when Hugh Grant continually objects to the chubby comments directed at Natalie, and when the writer announces his love for Aurelia in the restaurant. There are easily 32 other moments competing for those top three spots. If you’ve never seen it, see it.

Our own family Christmas was full of awesome food, presents, a hike, and great conversation. My most exciting present was a Kindle from Jesse, which unfortunately arrived in the mail broken, so I didn’t get to spend all afternoon playing with my new gadget. Isn’t that one of the best parts of Christmas? Having time to fidget with your loot? Luckily there was plenty else going on to keep me busy, and Amazon will replace it no problem.
Lindsay and Gamy

I really missed my parents and sister, as I was away from home. My heart was aching for my Gamy, who passed away earlier this year. Christmas was always her favorite holiday, and she had so many grandma quirks that made the holidays special. I’m at a loss to write more about her because words are escaping me. Her memory is still too powerful in my heart for my mind to be clear. I miss you Gamy.