Today I filled in my training log and put a big fat 17 miles for my daily total. Holy cow! That was 13.5 this morning with a 3mile tempo, 8 minutes of back to backs, and a 3 mile tempo; An easy 3.5 miler in the evening rounded it out.
I track weekly mileage daily since Monday-Sunday is an arbitrary way to look at a training week. That means my last seven days added up to 86 miles. My God.

This, one week after a panic about my hip reacting poorly to a 74 mile week. Well, I didn’t try to run high miles; it just happened. That’s how our training is these days. Regardless, I’m taking tomorrow as a day of complete rest as a precaution. Gotta let this body absorb that monster week. It’ll be nice since I have a lot of errands I’d like to get done (including catching up on some TV.)