Justin Jay Photo StretchingWhy on earth would today have been 95% pain free? Combination of the right therapy? Change in cross training program? Has enough time gone by that recovery is around the corner? Whoa, lest I get carried away by wishful thinking!

Whatever, the body felt good today for a change. My right hip and low back didn’t hurt at all actually, and the only pain was on the left side when bending forward. So this is what I do to figure out what may be the reason for the positive change:

In the past 2 days I have:
1. Stopped anti-inflammatories
2. Did yoga twice yesterday (much abbreviated since many of the postures hurt like hell so I did child’s pose like 50% of the time
3. Had PT Tuesday, Massage Wednesday back to back.
4. Long bike ride yesterday and day off before that.
5. Slept in this morning (10 hours rest) and 7 the night before that.
6. Did not swim or aquajog for a change

So that’s all I have to work with here. The only thing that makes sense is the combo of therapy being really effective since I wasn’t on pain killers and could better explain my exact pain for the therapists. And the day off with sleep helps, but I do that frequently so its not a good clue really. The next most likely explanation is that I’m gong on FOUR FRIGGEN WEEKS off running, so its about time things started improving. If you see something I’m missing, shoot a suggestion to me below.