photo with watch from nike plus adYou wish to navigate a ship across the open seas to a distant land. Research is done, directions are acquired, equipment is collected, crew is assembled, and finally you set sail full of optimism and adventure. The destination can not be seen for weeks or months, but you know you have set your coordinates in such a way that will get you there if you focus on staying on course day by day. You make a plan and you stick with it.
However, you hit a big ass storm and tidal waves threaten to sink your fragile ship. You have a choice. Afraid to get off course, you may choose to risk destruction by heading into the eye of the storm ahead. Or you may be wise, changing directions for a while to avoid the worst of the storm, adding significant time to your journey, and temporarily disconnecting from your course.
Deciding to protect your life, you throw the directions aside and steer the ship away from the eye of the storm toward safety. Tossed through enormous waves and nearly drowned, you fight with every ounce of energy in your body to make it through. You survive. When the weather calms, and you finally catch your breath, you see that your ship is badly damaged and your navigation equipment destroyed. You are alive, but to your horror, you realize you are drastically off course. Essentially you are temporarily lost at sea.
The day passes slowly as you put things back into some sort of order. You count the crew, take inventory of the supplies, repair what you can. You spend the day pensive and introverted, losing yourself in physical tasks. As the sun sets and the stars begin to emerge, you walk toward the bow of the ship. Checking briefly to ensure that the spot you choose has a clear view of the sky, you lay down on your back, crossing your hands behind your head, and watch the stars emerge one by one.
As dusk turns to darkness, the stars become a blanket above you; the various constellations return to your memory one by one. This gorgeous sky, this calm sea, this patched up ship…here in this three dimensional space lives a map as old as time. A map in the stars. Collect yourself, recall the ancient wisdom above you, and before long you may adjust your coordinates once again towards your destination.