My hip pain has been creeping in this past week.  Its not as alarming since I’ve been through something similar before, but its still worrisome.

My first thought is that I need to back off.  I’m at 72 miles this past 7 days, so I’m working hard.  And my last day off was last Friday.

My second thought is that I can’t afford to back off.  I need the training.

My third thought is that my second thought is irrelevant because it doesn’t matter to your body if you can’t afford to back off for some “racing goal.”  Your body can only do what it can do, and if its hurting, you are limited, period.

My forth thought is that I had no pain so long as I ran 60 miles and had deep tissue work.  However, I haven’t had deep work since I’ve been back in Eugene, over 70 miles ago.

Therefore, my approach:

next week I’ll run 50-60 miles, get deep tissue work, and take a day off.  I’ll get back on the preloading drills my physio gave me when my hip started feeling better the first time around.

Five steps forward, one step back.  The step back always sucks, but one well timed step back is better than falling backwards down the entire staircase.

cautious step forward

Proceed with Caution