Now that we are back from altitude training, its a great time to get some physical and physiological markers of where we are in our fitness. Data collection basically.

This morning started with 4 viles of blood drawn from my arm. Fasted. My phone is doing this thing where it dies in the middle of the night, like just shuts down completely, and so my alarm didn’t go off so I nearly overslept my appointment, but as luck would have it, I woke up in the nick of time to jet over there in my pajamas with major bed head, face swollen from sleep, and get my blood stolen drawn.

All I could do between that and my afternoon session was bitch about how sore my ass was from yesterday’s weights, as I did all of my errands. It appears my body won’t be adapting to the weights stimulus any time soon.

At 2:30, Jemma and I drove over to the Amazon trail to do our physiology field testing. Its a 1 mile woodchip path with quarter mile markers, and it was a bit soggy today, but the weather was nice overall. Two physiology grad students were out there with a finger stabber and two little handheld devices that they would suck a drop of finger blood into immediately following each mile. The workout is this:

2 mile warmup, drills, strides
1 mile at threshold effort or slightly below (to be sure you don’t go over the limit)
1 minute recovery during which you get a finger prick and two tests.
repeat 4-5 times, accelerating just a tiny bit with each one to dial right into what feels like threshold, or at the pace provided by the coach if you have previous data to work off.
2 mile cooldown.

While I was running each mile, the physiologists would record the following:
1. my reported heart rate immediately at the finish line of the interval
2. my lactate levels
3. my mile time
4. my heart rate right before beginning the next mile

So that’s it! Between the blood tests, the field testing finger pricks and my period, I think I’ll have lost all the red blood cells I worked so hard to get the past 6 weeks, but what the hell. I’m giving the stuff away at this point if anyone needs some blood.