…and now I’m too tired to care about punctuation or grammar. Or making this entry anything more than a list of what I did today:

9:00am woke
9:00-10:00 walked Judy’s dog, breakfast
10:15 drove to gym where jesse did his swim while I started my running workout
10:30 ran 15’ warmup, did 2 sets of 4×300, and a 10’ cooldown.
10:50 half way through the 300’s, I realized that the 51’s I had been running off 90 sec rest were too fast.
10:53-11:15 finished up my 300’s at 52’s and 53’s and jogged back to the gym
11:15 realized as I took off my headphones that that was the first track session I’ve done to music. Felt weird.
11:15-11:45 did abs and core at the gym
11:45 drove back to the B and B
12:00-1:00 made tuna salad on triscuts with avocado and a salad, and bugged jesse about its amazingness.
1:00-2:30 worked on website stuff, restless like a kid who should take a nap but refuses to.
2:30-3:30 watched part of a movie relaxing
3:30 cancelled my 4pm massage and got ready to run again
4:30-4:40 did PT exercises to prepare for second run
4:40-5:00 ran 20 minutes easy, digging the new Vampire Weekend album
5:00-5:10 stretch
5:10-6:10 overly long trip to grocery store to pick up stuff for fajitas (having friends over)
6:10-7:10 cooked dinner
7:00-10:00 watched season premier of Lost with friends over delicious dinner
10:00-10:30 cleaned up, laundry
10:30-11:00 uploaded website and wrote tonights blog