Masters BanquetWhy is it that I can run in front of 60,000 people in my underwear, but I break out into hives when asked to speak in front of a crowd? And yet I keep signing up for this.
Tonight I spoke at the annual awards banquet for the Oregon Track Club Masters group. There were a little over 100 people there, mostly above 55, but a handful of people in their 40’s, and all very educated about track and field. There were several age group American record holders, and two world record holders there, and as I waited to speak, I watched in awe as their accomplishments were announced to the crowd.
Thirty minutes was by far the longest I’ve spoken. It was the kind of speech you can only practice one time, or you run the risk of losing your voice before the big show. But all in all, I got a great response from the club members, and felt inspired to do more speaking in the future. The greatest inspiration was seeing all those fit people enjoying track at every age and ability level. I would like to measure my success in the sport not by how many medals I win, but by how long I’m able to compete!