Today was typical day-before-going-to-altitude stuff. Cleaning my six loads of laundry, packing six weeks of stuff and enough exercise gadgets for a PT clinic into one bag, sorting through a stack of bills and paying most of them, moving papers around on my desk, and cleaning house enough so that I don’t come back to an ant hill in March.
Throw a bank stop, voting, returning a few things, buying a new garmin, stopping by the police station to update our burglary paperwork, and six or seven other projects that I half-way started and ended up abandoning due to lack of time, and the day passes all too rapidly, leaving me wired when its time for sleep.
But the best part about leaving by plane is that you have a distinct deadline when all must be left behind you, other than what you can physically carry. With a car, not so much…auto commutes for the Flomas family are always Beverly Hillbilly affairs.
At 1pm tomorrow, I’ll be in the air, looking down on the green landscape of Eugene, and five minutes after that, I’ll emerge above the clouds for my first taste of winter sunshine: hopefully the first of many days in a row in the southwest.