miso soupThat is what I made for dinner tonight. Well, kind of. Considering the only thing that made it “miso soup” was miso paste, and the rest was completely invented from my non-Japanese instincts, we will call it miso fusion.
Whatever you call it, the intention was to have something warm and brothy and full of vegetables, skinny little noodles and some fresh herbs. Something that makes you feel satisfied from the inside out, the way only healthy hot food can.
Food like that is all I crave when I get out of bikram yoga class. I hadn’t been in a while, but I felt inspired after seeing my PT and she told me things were looking a lot better mechanically. My emotions were much more stable after yesterday, and all around I was feeling in control of my situation. Bikram yoga is always the same positions in the same order, in a 104 degree room for 90 minutes. It is the perfect measuring stick to see how your body is functioning compared to whatever your “normal” is. Lots of poses require intense concentration and balance, and you need to be up for it, which I was.
The room was packed with newcomers due to the introductory special going on, and the competitive part of me was excited that I wouldn’t be the most clueless person in there. Sometimes that place only has 4 students, students that double as instructors at the studio when they aren’t practicing three sessions of yoga a day.
But honestly, I had nothing to worry about because I was absolutely nailing the positions (for me that is). I’m not very flexible, but I was super stable for one-legged poses, and made some big breakthroughs on other things that are too boring to read about.
Looking back on this day, I think taking the day away from cross training in favor of yoga was really smart. Next time I’ll wear a heart rate monitor to class though because it still felt like a cardio workout at times. Totally curious. I’ll post it on here if it turns out to be interesting data.