Happy Valley Christmas LightsWe made it to Portland and are finally settling down to sleep at our family’s place (which is in Happy Valley to be exact). Gorgeous home and a room of our own with a comfy bed…not what I expected from a huge family Christmas.
When traveling for the holidays, I don’t expect to be able to do the same kind of training I would do at home. That’s why I try to keep travel short and get back to my training environment in a couple days. Usually I do a long run of some kind after presents and brunch, before our family outing to the movie theater. But when cross training, I pretty much plan my week so that I can take the holiday off because there sure as hell won’t be an elliptical trainer in the house.

Imagine my surprise when there was an elliptical trainer in the house.

In my opinion, there are certain days of the year when you just let your own agenda go for the sake of family peace. Carting myself across the city for a special gym session that messes up carpooling and family stuff, forget it. Running is generally so much easier…just throw on your shoes and run from the door. Somehow, this year, cross training is actually more convenient than running. Ha!