Q: Ask Lauren Fleshman #1 on The Running On Om Podcast

This past week, the first Ask Lauren Fleshman podcast episode was released on The Running On Om Podcast. To learn more about why I choose to move to an audio format, read here. The podcast version of Ask Lauren Fleshman is a monthly series on Running On Om, where I answer listeners questions on all things that pop up when living an athletic life— motivation, injuries, relationship issues, nutrition, body image, you name it.

In this episode, I answer listeners questions on the following topics:

  • The value of whether chasing one’s dreams is worth it and how one can reignite their dreams when the spark is gone.
  • What is more important in a running coach— someone who has excellent reliability or a coach who has extensive expertise?
  • How does one get up the guts to travel out of state for a surgery that may or may not fix one’s injury?
  • Are we as spectators feeding the use of performance enhancing drugs with our emphasis on greatness?
  • How to increase one’s mental strength in training and racing so that one can reach their potential?
  • What made me realize running was a part of who I am?


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If you are interested in submitting a question for February’s Ask Lauren Fleshman podcast episode, the question window opens from January 25-31st on runningonom.com/asklaurenfleshman.